Camp in Lake Allos - Mercantour national Park | Part 2

Day 2: Lake Allos - saturday, 25 october 2013

6h . dawn. The sky is clear . no clouds, damage. 7am . I leave the tent. " Christian you awake? " " Yes, yes " 🙂 I take my gear and headed to the lake until the tops are illuminated .

Within minutes streaks of clouds turn pink just above the famous towers of the lake. I take two photos. I turn around and see beautiful lights. I decided to go on the east side as before . Christian did not move from his spot for two hours 🙂 I think I'll take some pictures in panorama mode for my wide angle is not wide enough. I have frozen fingers. I go back to the shelter and take the time to go around the lake in search of nice plan with foregrounds such as rocks in the water. I enjoy it because the place is so quiet and beautiful. I do not see where I am Christian . the sky is loaded with clouds but the colors of sunrise were not there at the right time 🙂 I still take some pictures with larches in the foreground. Christian joined me .

I decided to climb to a point much higher towards the top of the Cayolle for lake less flattened . I do not really know what it can give. I'm trying .

I take the time to breathe with every step as it goes stiff ! I walk through a forest of larch micro . With the cold my batteries are drained . I do not have a bar on each of them so I'll have to be careful . From where I am a beautiful view of the lake. I see the tents in the eye of my sight . Two small tasks done. I see Christian also still low . I'm going down I'm tired. I think Christian and invites him to go at the top. He will not go to the top but take some pictures halfway .

I return to the same point in 2003 , when almost to the day I took a panorama of lake. I try to repeat the same and then compare. Back at camp I'm enjoying the beautiful sunshine to my double roof tent dry and wet .
Christian beats all bailiffs I think. He continues to take pictures.

Around 12pm it off. It's been two hours walkers arrive for a picnic and walk around the lake. There are also families . It's Saturday and school holidays . We decided to go around the lake and up to the towers.

That was the plan .... but it did not happen as planned.

With beautiful soft autumn light lake water is crystal blue . Yellow larches. A real postcard . Christian waiting for the sunshine that reveal a particular point. Me with my 14kgs on the back I say. I took the lead , I do not move fast because I enjoy the scenery . But as a true Christian photographer really take the time to do the photos. I have more visual , I reverse it stopped the stream to compose . He sees me . I decided to settle on a standard rock headland seen on the lake until it finishes. I remove the bag. Lie down facing the sun. I close my eyes . But what I am there .... a slight breeze , the sun's heat ... my past life flashes behind my eyelids .

Fifteen minutes pass even though I thought it was an hour. I open my eyes a little dazzled . Christian disappeared. A little anxiety rises in me. Me he saw just now ? I go down to the river. No Christian , no bag. I try to scan the heights. Nothing. Maybe he has advanced. I put my bag and resume the walk around the lake. It is 1415.

4:30 p.m. I am the parking lot to the lake. Unable to find Christian . When I went looking for him at 14:15 I thought it would be returned to the starting point and we would go together to the neck of the Encombrette . I waited 30 minutes with my little red jacket so he could see me where it is . I ask a couple if they saw him. yes yes meet me they came down and reassemble. Ok I traverses half the lake in the opposite direction and decided to go but I see nothing . I descend . I decided to go to the park you never know . Person . I wish to leave my bag . His car is still there.

It's two hours we had lost sight of. I return to the lake, tape me to rise again. The lake still nobody. I'm really starting to agonize. And if there was something happened. I think he had to climb to the pass since it was our plan. But I'd never ridden without him. I take the direction of parking and a cross I ask a group of people if they saw him. "Yes yes he is with his tripod at the top" ah ok! No more than! I'm so tired of running all over the place that I even want to take pictures. It hurts my eyes more. I do mount (40min). Person. I call his name several times. No response. A chamois pass near me. Well, not to either side. Well here it is decided I return to the car park because in addition to the fear of not finding Christian I have to call my mother to worry, double anxiety

Back at the car park and the car still in the parking lot of Christian I decided to drive further down the valley in order to have the network up and expect Christian . On the way back I recognize his car. We meet and train station in a corner. He also sought me . He thought I had seen it up while I was right there on my promontory , yes, except that I had my eyes closed . Suddenly he saw me from down the slopes to join me but not seen me and thought that I had started to climb to the pass . 

More fear than harm in the end ! I just spend my afternoon anxious to me ... it is 18h .
Well, the weekend camp is finished . Very glad to have met Christian . A great camp in a naturally beautiful setting . This beautiful Lac d'Allos surrounded by a ring of mountains and easy access too.

Oh , and then I put my eye to the viewfinder of the full frame SLR's Christian, waouuu  I guess time has come for me to had one..


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