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         Born in France on the Christmas Eve in 1976. I was raised in La Londe Les Maures, French Riviera, until I was 9. I lived my teenage years between Germany and Alsace, after obtaining my degree in communication and advertising campaigns  in Strasbourg I come back to my family  to our home in La Londe Les Maures. I've always been attracted to art from a very young age, it began with the drawing, I practiced. Very sensitive to music I learned to play guitar and piano self-taught.

"I felt drawn to the images, the movement, the colors and the desire to build, create and transform. At this point I started in the DTP Desktop Publishing."

        I've always been drawn to art since my youth, it began with drawing, music and movie pictures as a teenager.
At 21 years old,  I bought my first camera to bring back holiday memories and it was the trigger! I knew the picture would allow me to express myself as I wanted. It became a passion. I've always been a dynamic person and taking  photographs  allowed me to find a balance between movement and calm. The picture has taught me patience, listening.
My mind was open to a different world, the way I look at my environment is different.

"Shivers, stage fright, excitement are my feelings before taking pictures..it's a state of mind to come on a place, feel, observe what is around me..taking a great shot is not as easy as it seems..Taking photographs is to be on a journey, is to escape for adventure, is to free your mind to something else, an unknow place "elsewhere"..."

You understand by browsing my photo galleries that I am a lover of nature, wealth and beauty, and it may be possible that I can make you aware, beyond these images, that's we have to protect our mother, THE EARTH.


My work as a photographer

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