Mercantour National Park - camping in the valley of wonders | Part 2

Day 2: From Soargines Lake to lake Mesches September 15, 2013
Upper Lake Long Lake Fourca , down Valmasque Fontanalba down , down Valaurette

i couldn't find no sleep all the night. My sleeping bag kept slipping on my mattress . The sounds that I'm not use ti hear, the freshness in the tent , well.... 6 am my alarm rings. Let's see if the sun rises. I open the tent facing the lake, in the background at the horizon the mountains. Big black clouds are very low. Between the horizon and the clouds I can see a slight yellow line indicating that the sun is rising . Yeah it rains more ... damn ! Well I go back to bed .... I let myself be lulled by the sound of raindrops on the tent. My companions has slept as well as I ... 6:45 am... I do not really can't stand it and go up ... "Well I have enough of staying here,  I'm going outside and make my toilet ! " ... I open the tent again and then had to make my voice echo throughout the valley, but I hesitate between my voice or deep cry of excitement.

"This is huge wouaaaaaaaa the sky is red as in fire !  I'll do my toilet later" I put on my sneakers and take the leak current still weraing my pajamas ... I can barely hear my companions as I am alreday running from the lake but I can hear in the distance a "ahhhhh that's beautiful".

I just had time to take two pictures at the lake that I go where I was yesterday, when I was a litlle bit lost in the mist. I climb on a headland, turning back, my look straight to the tent, then I admired a beautiful rainbow over the mountains illuminated by an orange light low against leaving the lake in the dark. Two more pictures and that was it. The light disappeared leaving items in the dark. I just took the time to take some pictures around while my companion was bringing me hot pancakes between shooting long exposures.

We left the camp under a little rain and arrive at the bivouac shelter of the valley of wonders and overlooks the lake superior. A couple lunch. We expected to find a small trash can to deposit our waste. Not trash and then hosting the manager was not friendly at all short we continue between rain and a few rays of sun stealth. The refuge is about 2130 meters and we head towards the drop Valmasque 2549 meters. Despite the changing weather, the scenery is stunning. I wondered how the prehistoric men could lived here. The environment is very austere and mineral. It does not seem to be any animal here to hunt and eat.
This valley of wonders really exudes a mysterious and magical side.

We climb up to the lower Valmasque where we enjoy a 360 degree view. So behind us the beautiful valley of wonders and before us in the valley of the three lakes Valmasque basto, Black Lake and Green Lake. We begin the descent and my left knee started to hurt. Came a little overhang of the first lake we have a big dilemma. Suddenly we just have lost 10 degrees and a storm warning hovers above our heads. We meet two chamois not at all shy. I put on my gloves, my hat, my fleece. Do we make ​​a U-turn? It would be a shame anyway because the weather is same as we do turn around or continue by lower Fontanalba. To the summit to fontanalba we do not even see the road, but it goes stiff with stiff! Approximately 200m vertical drop in 45 minutes ..

A hiker with a umbrella (great if lightning) was with us during the first few minutes . I not advance quickly with my kilos on the back that I started to feel. It's really steep and I have to help my hands to climb and more pay attention to every rise not to lose balance and let me take back by the weight of my bag. The path is no more than 50cm wide , I set the scene with a photo! Oh, you laugh less now you see the photo !

My traveling companion is already far ahead , in fact I only see the rock. Check the drop Fontanalba , 2578 meters at the foot of Mont Bego. Done !

Begins a long descent to the lower Valaurette . Always these very rocky scenery and Mount Bego on our right. The clouds pass , disappear, return as a dance. We see former military barracks built in the rock. A few hours later we arrive in the sun and a bit of blue sky on a trail balcony with a beautiful view of the valley and mountains Fontanalba .
Lunch and final descent to Lake Mesches . I have more pain in my knees as usual downhill. The descent seemed like an eternity and we finish in the rain in a narrow path slippery. There were pissed . Arrived on terra firma with very real cows everything was better ... 8 hours of walking in difficult weather conditions bring great satisfaction to this day.


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