Mercantour National Park - camping in the valley of wonders

Day 1 : From Mesches lake to the lake Soargine | September 14, 2013

After 3 hours of driving, looking up to a cloudy sky and say to ourselves " damn the rain will fall on our heads", we finally arrive at 3:30pm to our starting point (without rain) at Mesches Lake, an artificial one without interest.
10 minutes to set conditions, which means , pee break , moisten the air, ready to put the bag on his back. My bag weighs 14 kg and it was not the sausage the heaviest !  But my tent 3kg and 2kg my tripod. With my super bag Deuter we do not really feel the weight as the bag is well balanced.

The first two hours pass quite easily. We follow a roman path style in a forest sometimes straight sometimes winding. We are literally surrounded by green larches. The weather is very humid, the air is cool but I like it this way when I walk. I was glad to be in short and t-shirt. After two hours, we begin a climb to our camp, through the Val d'Enfer. The decor is very rocky. We do not distinguish the landscape as we are in the mist. The only colors that my eyes could see are the green, the brown, the gray and the red pants of my companion. I'm progressing step by step with my 14kgs on my back.

Finally we finish this up and my companion told me with a smile " here we are! Now we go to camp, it's easy, the hard part is over . " Ok ok . We enter now at the closed area wonders .

At this point, I'm smiling as well because we are in the clouds that cover and discover the landscapes around us. The sun is in front of us and it diffuses a soft light, that's just incredible. A great atmosphere emerges and I began photographing around me the landscapes as a reward of the first 3 hours ! These moisture-laden clouds cling to the branches of larches, some ray of sunshine percent in places, enough to spread a golden light on rocks and peaks. Magical.

Before reaching our camp , located in the secluded and virtually invisible trail , we pass through a small wooden bridge. Two lakes in gray colors. To the left of the natural lake Soargine ( our camp ) and right along the lake "long inferieur" that looks like to the surrounding marshes.
We went from 1365m to 2090m 🙂

The tent set up, I go with my tripod on my shoulders to explore the place . The weather can change very quickly, blue sky and grey ski in a minute. The wind pushes the clouds against the mountains. We do not see the lake at one moment then in a second it reappears. I recrossed the bridge to go to the lake bottom along and I let myself be surprised by clouds. I hesitate between clouds, mist or fog but I do not see anything more than 2 meters in front of me. Have to wait but by taking pictures to make the wait more pleasant and to forget the feeling of anxiety that takes me in this ghostly decor.
I returned to camp trusting my visual memory because the camp is not really close. the weather emerges while we prepare the meal. We had some bugs stove and a pot full of hot water spilled but luckily we had our appetizer : sausage, cheese and red wine :)))

We tasted ( yes! ) our pasta bolognese lyophilized and our "fondue savoyarde" in the mist ! Our headlamps as the only bright spots ! Went to sleep! Good night ......... um good " what's that noise you hear? " " Think it seems that there is an animal that lurks around our tent , "" ah ... ah ... " " Well I 'm going to make him go away or I will not sleep " ...... a few seconds later ... " it was only the wind! " " Pfffffff ":)


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