A way of taking reel elements to create a new reality

Abstract photo probably does not exist because I draw in my surroundings, so the reality, to create an image. Abstract In that case refers to your imagination.
"What is it? What do I see?. Seeing ! It is what it is.
My vision, my composition, my framing will give all "my" meaning to a photo. Up to you then to interpret it at your convenience.

City, buildings, factories are true playground for me. They put at my disposal all the elements I need to transform what I see in new forms, shadows, symmetry, colors, whether in wide shot or close-up. And always the really important role of the light that will relief to the elements.

Pictures of plants in blacklight offer colors, shining edges. With a macro lens and good technique you get to create blur backgrounds on which your subject will be highlighted.

"The landscape photography has to be prepared but felt first and foremost. Landscape will be perceived differently depending on the emotional state of the person. Landscape remind you your memories, your way of life, your culture. These factors parties will form the final picture and unknowingly help you compose your picture. "

Landscape photography also requires technique. By varying the depth of field with foregrounds and backgrounds. It is not easy to give some depth to the image. Without depth your image will be flat or bland. A landscape photo should make you want to travel in the photo as if it were two-dimensional.
This is why the composition and framing are very important!

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Landscapes photography

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