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Sunday, May 19, 2013
I have a friend, Marion, who, since we know each other, asked me to photograph fields of poppies . She also asked the lavender fields, and as I am a great friend I give her what she wants . Lavender it will be another tell soon.
Returning to the poppy fields . The poppy is a wild flower, fragile but toxic which is why it is cut in agricultural fields . I love driving with my car and drive aimlessly on roads I do not know the destination. And so over the years I archive in my memory and in  photographs interesting places like the poppy fields .

The day before our departure there were heavy rains and it is in these times that you start to recite prayers to ask the weather to be kind to the next day .
Our prayer have been heard here and here we are, ready to leave for a day of memorable adventure ...

We leave in the morning quietly . Marion on the road tells me with repeat " hoping the poppies are in bloom " ....... "Provided that the poppy fields are in bloom " I try to reassure her that if the poppies are not blooming whereI think that we can see them, then we'll enjoy this beautiful sunny day to wander randomly roads. And we had a backup plan to our return with a large poppy field seen to Pierrefeu not so far from me.

Poppies often grow in edges of paths and roads. Once arrived a little in the back country we begin to see many red poppies scattered here and there . And Marion gets all excited. 1 hour drive later we arrived here on the Pardigon area and anxiety goes up a little .  Will be Poppies or not ?

" wawwwwwwwww look there beautiful red carpet" ..... "Oh my right and there on another ! " ... Mission accomplished. We do a little driving tour of all the fields and we decide for which will be our backdrop for our photo essays .

We leave all the equipment , ladders more photos to accessory devices , it was worth the trip to see us with our bags and our equipment.
we are moving forward with a smile on our faces to the fields. We have to cross a ditch before ... here we are ... and then Marion shut " WTF ?! It's full of mud ! " Oh yes it's true the rain of last night ... actually we walk in fields with good soil and muddy ... Marion as usual had white sneakers ... I decided to put myself barefoot to facilitate the walk that will be faster than carrying 3 kg of mud around shoes and stay down .

Well we moved as we can . We'd like to pause levitating I install large stool that sinks into the ground a few meters exaggerating a bit .. good good is not won pffff .
After long minutes of material management, I was stuck to be the model because the skirt was not going to Marion ! People who go by car along the road stop , observe us, give us small signs and take us in pictures . And yes, two girls with cameras and a stepladder that makes more professional 🙂

Tests done, click click click, here finished ! It is a kind of sport to do that. Take poses, well put his arm this way, the head tilted at 12 degrees it is not easy!
Beautiful white clouds like cotton candy appear on this beautiful navy sky . A really beautiful landscape.

Now we 're relaxing and have some fun taking pictures of landscapes. Around 1pm we return to the car with our bags and stepladder underarm.

I spend long minutes remove the mud on the gear and shoes. I admit I look awesome with my white summer skirt, white blouse and ..... my big black hiking boots well !
Lunch quiet at the entrance to a forest then return to photos in another field. And here we have the impression of being in front of a giant painting by Monet , it's just beautiful. We enjoy .
Poppies and wheat come to us almost to the waist. It comes to wild uncultivated field but still tries to walk the earth without damaging the flowers, but it is not easy. We stay long enough to take some pictures and leave this beautiful place when a micro storm pollen comes burning eyes and nose sting . It has everywhere, even on the camera and in threading objectives

Here we take the road to our homes in good punctured the day but so nice quiet again ...


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